Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Redundant....same old, same old

So today I was presented a product, it was a good product and I think it would sell. Only problem I have is that, we have some of the most creative minds working at the card companies. Yet all we get is the same thing over and over. Just dressed up a little different each time. Its almost crazy how much this industry hasn't changed!!! I know I just wrote that...as crazy as it sounds. So this is what I see day in and day out.

Game used cards...used since 1997
Certified Autographs...used since 1990
Parallels...used since 1992

There are numerous other things that I can put in here, there are also a few other things that I could put that have just happened recently. Unfortunately I dont see them being huge innovations to the trading card market. I wish someone would come up with an idea that I put in my blog 10 years from now....saying this has been done since 2009!!!! Unfortunately I dont see that yet. I want to get back to the innovations of the early 90's.

So back to the product presented today...lets use the Chicago Cubs as an example. So I am selling a Chicago Cubs Mug it does well, so now I make a Chicago Bears Mug, it sells well so I make a Chicago Blackhawks Mug. NOTICE A THEME HERE???? Its always a mug! that is what has happened to trading cards.

When will a manufacturer start using the creativity and make something different each time?


  1. If you have autographs and game jerseys, you can't afford technology as well. Would you agree to buy 500 blaster cases of any product without autographs or jersey cards? I doubt it.

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