Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Out of hibernation..maybe.

I have been in hiding, left, whatever you want to call it. Not really, I just have been very busy with work and family. See its sort of warming up in Iowa and I have a lot of outdoor hobbies that occupy my time. Now that my son is 10 months old I have less time for those hobbies and when I have to get him to the batting cage, weight room, and he still needs to get his 100 free throws in that doesn't leave much time in the day to update my blog. Dont feel left out though, I will try and do much better.

This week Target will be seeing the first 2009 NFL product to hit shelves...Press Pass! It came out very well. I am one that likes the college uniform pictures. Looks like Crabtree and the two QB's will get alot of cards prior to stepping on a NFL field. Since the KC Chiefs are my team I hope that they select Curry even though he is not a great trading card guy. We have Cassell and Bowe for that! Back to Press Pass...my initial thought is not a lot of cards but what you get is very good. Nice photos, good write ups, small set, short prints, achievable odds, a good product to kick off NFL.

Now for baseball, nice to see Soriano taking a pitch once and a while! Little worried about Harden but he knows his arm better than anyone. Cubbies still have way too much money in the outfield for the production they are going to get. As far as trading cards, Topps still is good, Heritage is smoking off the charts, UD is holding its own. First Edition comes out this week and it looks good also. Maybe MLB will bounce back this year....I am very excited to see what happens with the license. Steven you know my prediction...lets place a friendly wager.

Basketball....is it me or did that season just end Monday night? Its sure a shame to see NBA where it is. My trading card closet is almost 50% NBA with none of that much after 2002. Why? Why? Why? I think once Kwame was picked #1 I realized its time to give up. I really think we still have potential in the NBA so I am somewhat excited to see what Panini will do. So far not impressed.

Nice to see everyone enjoying 50% off blasters...its a great thing to see some products move. I think its a great time to be a consumer these days! I look forward to more opportunities to do deliver outstanding values and products to new and old consumers!

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  1. I just came across you blog and it's great stuff. Keep up the good work!