Thursday, March 12, 2009

Time away.....Risk? Reward?

Well after the blow up over the Topps blasters, I took sometime away to reanalyze what to write about. If your looking for the shock and are at the wrong place. I was recently reminded why this industry is lagging and no its not the economy. IF you think that is reason why I have over 10 million reasons from just last week to prove my point. In my absence there has been plenty to read and follow. One of the best blogs out there, has been a buzz with the huge announcements and topics. Its amazing how large this blog has become in the industry in just a short time. When your sitting in a downtown office building in a major city and that blog is mentioned you know you have arrived. Steven you are the man!

I was face to face with all manufacturers except one (guess!) this week. I have seen what is on the calendar for the rest of 2009. I am tired of the excuse economy, economy, economy that is why our industry is failing.

Guess what your in the impulse business and not only that...people are passionate about your product. Remember I am in retail we dont have $600 packs...our packs cost less than value menu items at the Golden Arches. Which reminds me everyone should read McDonald's: Behind the Golden Arches. I beg you to find a toy cheaper than trading cards or TCG's. Even Bakugan is much more expensive than cards. Transformers will be the biggest toy item the second half of 2009 and you can get a blaster for the same price as most of the Transformers toys.

So back to the rest of 2009, I think that we will see alot of good stuff and alot of bad stuff. WOW how accurate is that? See some people think outside the box in times like this and some just want to ride it out by offering the same old stuff just lower the price. Well guess what 3 cards for 2.99 didn't sell in 2008 so by making it 2 cards for 1.99 in 2009 doesn't get it done either. Lets do things that are totally out there! Do you think that everyone was in agreement Bakugan was a slam dunk? I mean come on its freak'n marbles that have been around since the 1800's.

So after analyzing what I want to accomplish I will have to withhold certain information and realize that not everyone is allowed in the boardroom. I was also reminded why this industry is in such dis pare. I have a freak 9 month old son and I want this industry around for him. I love it and have for so many years. I mean do you know anyone that had their senior picture in high school taken with their baseball card collection? Someday I want him to be able to use his own collection and not mine!


  1. Glad you're back.

    You had your senior picture taken with your card collection? I'd like to see that.

  2. This was a good blog. It's a shame that it died.