Thursday, February 26, 2009

Drafting position.....not referencing NASCAR

What are every one's thoughts on NFL products this year? What are you looking forward too? What are you curious about?

First part of the NFL year it will be business as usual with Retail products that is. Press Pass will have an exclusive window from draft day to about three weeks afterwards. UD will have its 2nd year Draft Ed NFL and Topps has brought the biggest gun to the table with Bowman Draft Edition. Now I know what you are thinking, he thinks Topps with typical fake Letter patches that have been over produced and idea is great, execution terrible. Well I must defend myself on this part. Each one of the manufacturers tries to beat the competitor to shelf....which makes sense, who wants to be second or risk consumer dollars being spent? So without the leagues dictating release schedules we are stuck with what we have.

So Press Pass will be pretty traditional but with added content (SEE love given in photo). UD Draft is a product I like because of the NFL Draft artwork, concept but it has some flaws. Topps went away from Draft Picks and Prospects last year with Rookie Progression. Which I thought was a huge mistake, if you dont have to fix something then why not just improve it? Rookie Progression might have been in my opinion the worst looking cards I have seen since the Kmart Topps MLB sets. So why am I on the bandwagon now? For one the Name Bowman has some relevance in that Bowman is home of the Rookie Card....well that is the slogan anyway. Now to most collectors we know that is not always the case, to the casual fan that what you see is what you get. I like the fact that they released Rookie Progression needed to go bye-bye.
I dont think the actual Draft is shaping up to be a great Trading Card draft. We need more skill position players drafted high, although 2006 doesn't seem to be that great afterall. I think next year looks better but think we are about 2-3 years away from another deemed a great class. For these early products the key is to have a very late rounder to undrafted person become Brady. Which in turns make the following years products stronger ie David Price in MLB this year. Amazing what happens when you have a couple good games at the appropriate time.
Also this weekend I will be releasing the information on the black boarder Walmart cards, etc.

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  1. Very curious about your take on the Wal-Mart black cards.