Friday, February 20, 2009

Search High...Search Low...part 2 The End.

So why doesn't the retail store personnel stop pack searchers? For one its usually a high school kid or college kid working the registers. Do you really think they care about the person over by cards running his finger across the back and sides of all those packs? So you think its the Assets Protection persons job then...well technically they are not stealing or doing anything wrong. How many customers come in and feel the tomatoes, apples, etc and pick out the best one. What is really the difference? Not to mention you really think managers are going to kick people out of their stores?

Why doesn't the manufacturer do something to stop it? First off that takes money and no one wants to spend it. They only have so much to spend to make each pack and therefore every deterrent would result in lost content. The industry tried a drastic move last year by blistering all cards and it failed. Well in some eyes it failed! Not to mention it sort of made the searching worse because people would actually damage the cards while trying to search.

What about a those info cards they put in packs? Well those are printed on very low stock paper therefore cost is minimal and most of them are marketing for future products, license agreement issues, etc.

For the most part the PS'rs will always be around. It's sort of like baseball players your really think its 100% steroid free now? The cheaters will always find a way around the system. PS'rs will be around forever all we can do is limited it as much as we can.

WOW in these two posts I talked out both sides of my mouth! For the record I can not stand Ps'rs and will always look at them as hurting the hobby.

On a side note...come on Chiefs get Cassell in here, don't waste the pick on a unproven college QB!

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