Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Next Big Thing.....

With Panini taking over the NBA Oct 1st, what will the next big thing be? In order for Panini to succeed they need to be the ones that come up with the next big thing. It can not be a game-used something or other, autograph, etc. That has been done and will be done for the next hundred years (OK maybe not a hundred but hopefully a few more at least). I get very frustrated with the big three always using retreaded tires. Its always a GUE per 'x' packs, an auto in 'x' boxes, 2 GUE per box, etc, etc, etc. Lets think outside the box here and find out something else. Game Used has run its course....everyone knew that going into 2008 hence the insertion in every blaster box. What ideas run through your heads? I think the next big thing will be similar to what World Of Warcraft TCG has done where they have incorporated a LOOT card in which the only way to get something is by having it in an actual trading card game. WOW TCG is not played in correlation of their sales. Most consumers are buying the TCG to chase LOOT cards for the online game. How nice is that for UD? Sell product to someone who doesn't even play the game. Wait there is another company doing the same thing...oh yeah the biggest item going POKEMON. People are not playing Pokemon everywhere you go, but you see the cards. Kids just collect em for no reason other than they think they are cool.

If I were in charge of Panini NBA that is the question I would pose to my staff. How do we get people to buy our product that don't even care about the NBA or trading cards? Can you imagine if people were to start buying trading cards again because they thought they are a good investment?

Which by the way my 401k looks more like my card collection these days so my wife can get off my back for buying cards all the time. My retirement fund has diminished in value just as fast as my collection has, except my Cubbies they only get better with age!


  1. Not to be completely contrarian about your intentions here, but is there a chance you're going about this the wrong way? Perhaps card companies should focus more on increasing the percentage of fans who collect cards instead of finding a way to lure non-fans into buying cards. One idea I've thought about is having a pack giveaway at games.

    Regardless of the approach, I would suggest making an entry-level set that people would actually want to collect. It need not be fancy, but just have good base content, i.e. a balance of rookies, star players, and fun subsets. There's absolutely nothing appealing about the current Opening Day or First Edition sets, but if they were given a distinct design and a decent checklist, people might actually buy the stuff.

  2. You would be very surprised that Opening Day and 1st Ed out perfom most all titles outside of basebrand Series #1. This is the bread and butter license for the big box retailer. Mom can spend less than a buck to get Johnny or Jennie to be quiet while she shops. This is also a great license for Grandma to give as a gift. Unfortunately not many of those people care what the cards look like, subsets, etc.

    Pack give aways have been going on for some time now. We did a very good sampling with Topps and the Timberwolves. Everyone recied a pack of Topps NBA cards at 4 different games thoughout the season. Guess what not a bump in sales the week before during or after, and the NBA is declining as a license. Google trading card pack giveaways and you might be surprised at how many Manufacturers are doing this.
    Thanks for the great comments!